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Meet the artist...

"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life"

~ Marc Anthony


Finding a passion and being able to turn it into a lifelong career is something you could really only dream of. I am truly grateful to share my love of cake design and creation, and for being a part of so many beautiful events.

Everything about cake design fascinates me, from the colours to the fine details, as well as the textures and themes that can be inspired by just about anything. A cake is like an edible canvas, something that is enjoyed not only in its taste, but in the beauty that it brings to one very special day.

I always aspired to work in a cake shop, surrounded by the smell of delicious desserts and creating the most elegant cakes. Creating my own brand as a cake artist is the realization of that dream!

For a short period of time before deciding to pursue cakes, I studied in Graphic Design. Although it wasn't the right fit, it helped me to realize my creative abilities, and gave me the confidence to explore a new path. I moved on to complete my studies in Cake and Pastry, and as I began designing and creating my first cakes for friends and family, A Little Sweeter was born.

As a cake artist I am constantly learning and growing. I continue to challenge myself and expand my creative boundaries to provide each client with the finest and most exclusive creations.

Delicately hand crafted sugar flowers are a signature part of A Little Sweeter. Individual petals are created and pieced together to closely resemble the beauty in natural flowers. They bring a uniqueness to each creation as new colour palettes are brought to life and make a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

I love what I am able to create because of the joy it brings to my clients and the memories that are created. With each new design that I share, I hope to inspire others and add beauty to the wonderful world of cake artistry. 

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